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The TV Show that we are extremely proud of – Bing has been nominated for International Emmy Awards 2015 and Digitales is super excited about it! We did animation production of the TV Series last year in 2014 and it stays a very special show for all of us. We are extremely thankful to our friends at Brown Bag Films & Acamar Films who gave us the opportunity to bring the fantastic stories alive on screen.

We’re absolutely thrilled with the nomination!! The awards ceremony will take place on April 5, 2016.

Check out the full list of nominations here.

Bing is a British CGI-animated children’s television series based on the books by Ted Dewan and produced by Acamar Films, in association with Brown Bag Films and Tandem Ltd and broadcasted on UK TV channel CBeebies. The series centers on a cheerful pre-school bunny named Bing (voiced by child actor Elliot Kerley), with episodes involving him learning how to cope with new experiences, such as playing nicely and imaginatively, caring for toys, handling tantrums and making the best of a negative situation. Mark Rylance voices Flop, Bing’s guardian, who comforts and assists Bing when he is facing a problem. Bing also has several friends to play with – Sula, Pando and his cousins Coco and Charlie – each with carers of their own. The show’s central phrase is “It’s a Bing thing!” which Flop intones at the end of each episode when Bing has successfully conquered a troubling task or enjoyed a new childhood experience.

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