We’re good! Here’s proof..

I just wanted to say that the materials that are coming through from Digitales are looking great, we very much appreciate your work and are very pleased with the level of quality we are now receiving. Please pass on our thanks to your team.

Digitales did some fantastic work on the Wendy animated series for us. The series was challenging for many reasons including having to satisfy an equestrian specialist going through every frame of quadruped animation and they managed to deliver this under severe time pressure. The team has done work for me in the past too and I would gladly go back to them the next time I need some more 3D animation services.

You guys really knocked our socks off and we all are VERY impressed! I have to say  great job, it’s coming together perfectly. We are very excited. Hats off to Digitales, take a bow. This is going to get us a lot of attention.

Our Clients